Road to Recovery: Emotional aftershocks following the Ridgecrest quakes


Ridgecrest Police Chief Jed McLaughlin reminds us that “PTSD is a real thing.”

It’s been a month since two major earthquakes rocked Ridgecrest, and Chief McLaughlin has just started sleeping again.

“Some people are doing rather well,” said McLaughlin, “and I think that some people are still struggling.”

As students prepare to return to school, educators are preparing to deal with the emotional aftershocks their pupils may experience.

“Teachers have the training and they have the intuition to know, ‘hey, this child needs help,” said Superintendent of Sierra Sands Unified School District David Otash.

Otash says schools will have counselors accessible for students grappling with earthquake-induced anxiety.

McLaughlin says the community is always there to support those wrestling with their mental well-being in the wake of the shaking.

“It’s a great community, and we lean on each other.”

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