Middle Eastern policy experts tell congress Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan not viable for a two-state solution


Nearly 6,000 miles from Jerusalem, former U.S. negotiators convened to discuss the Trump Administration’s newly unveiled Middle East Peace Plan.

The international policy experts, who served under Bush, Clinton and Obama, questioned the merits of the Trump plan, saying it met nearly all of Israel’s demands, without consulting the Palestinians.

“The Palestinian quote-un-quote state it envisions does not meet any reasonable definition of a sovereign nation,” said Frank Lowenstein, Former U.S. Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations, U.S. Department of State.

In testimony, experts also said it is critical to consider the immediate security of Israel and the region, including U.S. interests.

“Our primary interest or focus is ourselves and our security in the region,” said Mara Rudman, Former Deputy Special Envoy for Middle East Peace for U.S. Department of State.


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